Electric Revolution: JBM Solaris ECOLIFE

Introducing India’s First 100% Electric Bus


Exceptionally quiet, emission-free, distinguished by its modern design and guaranteeing low operation costs – discover the benefits of the JBM Solaris ECOLIFE 9mElectric, India’s first 100% Electric bus. Crafted to 9 metres in length, ECOLIFE 9m Electric is a fully low-floor battery powered green vehicle with state of the artelectric drive technology that ensures hassle free and comfortable commute for the passengers. ECOLIFE 9m Electric stands out distinctly by virtue of its attractive exterior and interior styling coupled with a series of innovative and cuttingedge design solutions.

Offering a completely flexible solution, the ECOLIFE 9m Electric offers the ability to adjust the charging system of the bus to an operator’s or city’s infrastructure. ECOLIFE 9mElectric fits in perfectly with any urban environment as it traverses narrow streets swiftly and silently, and keeps the air fresh and clean in crowded city centres. The different battery sizes and other customisations offered by JBM Solaris enable the bus’s range to be tailored to the requirements of virtually any route.This further optimises the purchase and operating cost of the vehicle and the number of people that can be carried.


Tailored to requirements
The configuration of the drive technology of ECOLIFE 9m Electric, can be exactly matched to its operators’ requirements. This is made possible by the flexible design of the system’s components, which allows them to be selected and scaled according to the demands of the routes the buses will be used on. Based on a route profile supplied by the operator, our engineers determine the right choice of technology. Power rating, sizeand capacity of batteries as well as different charging solutions can all be specified. The result is ECOLIFE 9m Electric that is perfectly suited to the expectations of its operator, tailored to its route profile and offers huge operational possibilities. Additionally, the careful selection of components and parametersoptimises the vehicle by cutting out on surplus features not required by a particular operator.
Unlimited operational possibilities
At the heart of the drive system of ECOLIFE 9m Electric are a four-pole, asynchronous traction motor and lithium batteries. Their power and capacity can be adapted to the route on which the bus is to be used. The batteries are not only the source of energy for the motor, but they also feed all auxiliary systems, including air-conditioning and heating, steering pump and the electrically-powered doors. Components conventionally fed bycompressors powered by the diesel engine have been replaced with electric counterparts. These innovations, along with the choice of charging solutions, enable an operational performance that is equal to that of conventionally powered buses, but at lower operating costs. Additionally, ECOLIFE 9m Electric addresses the environmental issues and significantly contributes towards maintaining air quality and better living standards in our cities.
Charging systems and infrastructure
JBM Solaris offers two different charging solutions for ECOLIFE 9mElectric. These allow the bus to be adapted to the infrastructure that operators have or may install. The first solution is a plug-in connection wherein energy can be supplied through external chargers. Secondly, charging of the vehicle can also be done through on-board pantographthat is installed on the roof of the bus.
Wide array of innovative solutions
JBM Solaris brings in an automatic system for vehicle charging that does not require drivers to leave their cab. This is a roof-mounted solution, which automatically connects to charging stations at the end of the line or at bus stops. After a short but powerful recharge, the batteries will be sufficiently topped up for the bus to continue to the next charging point, thus enabling all-day operation without range restrictions.
Comfortable work for drivers
The parameters and solutions adopted in the construction of ECOLIFE 9mElectric are a combination of state-of-the-art technology and design that pay particular attention to the environment. The bus is fitted with energy-saving LED lights. This technology has been used both for exterior and interior lighting. In ECOLIFE 9mElectric, drivers have a dashboard equipped with touch-screen panels at their disposal, which in addition to the basic parameters, display information about the state of the electric system and the battery charge level. Integrated into the touch screens are controls for the heating and other vehicle functions. This intuitive and easy-to-use system allows drivers to concentrate on driving without distractions.
Built on experience:
JBM Solaris ECOLIFE 12 Electric

JBM Solaris electric buses are also available in a fully low-floor version with a length of 12 meters. Its innovative electric drive system guarantees lower operating costs.ECOLIFE 12m electric offers maximum flexibility in areas such as battery selection, charging systems and other components, making it a true breakthrough in electric mobility. By using ECOLIFE12m electric, the city bus services become a guaranteed zero-emission mode of transport that offers unprecedented levels of comfort for passengers and keeps the air in our cities clean. This electric bus makes the green future become reality.


ECOLIFE 9m Electric
ECOLIFE 12m Electric
Motor 80-160 KW
Emission Level
Lithium (type and operational voltage depending on specification)
Operational Performance (interlinked with battery power and charging system)
Charging System
Front Axle
Independent Suspension
Rigid Suspension
Drive Axle
Banjo Axle
Portal Axle with integrated electric motors
"EBS Electronic (dual-circuit) braking system incorporating the anti-blocking system (ABS) and the traction control system (ASR), parking (hand) brake with emergency release function from the driver's seat, bus stop brake"
All wheels disk brakes, dual circuit, full air system with EBS and ABS with EBD
Kneeling system
295/80 R 22.5
285/70 R 19.5
Dimensions (in mm)
Total Length
Overall Height
Front Overhang
Rear Overhang
Entry Step Height
Structure - Corrosion resistant monocoque structure
Side Panels - Aluminium
Door arrangement / Emergency Exits
Passenger doors - 1 in the front & 1 in the middle
Type of doors - Inswing type on both doors
Wheelchair Ramp - Manually operated