JBM Auto limited has initiated the journey of becoming a technology oriented Bus Manufacturer in India with its state of the art product called CITYLIFE. The bus has been created to deliver convenience, safety, comfort and passenger delight by offering world-class travelling experience on Indian roads.

The product lineup of JBM Motors offers a cutting edge in its vehicles for the market. The brand has an in-house engineering and design centre, which has capability from Design to Deliver. BrendaMenarinbus (BMB) is the technology partner for JBM Motors and as a valued partner BMB brings to the table stringent quality standards, domain know-how, having proven track record in Europe. The division weaves in a seamless bond with the Group’s offering due to the company’s in-house base of varied auto components.


  • True Ultra Low floor Bus, having no step floor in the passanger saloon
  • Complete vehicle design using 3D simulation of all aspects of design and configuration, including drive ergonomics, passenger Movement and Seating
  • Fully modeled on 3D CAD Systems with 100% Engineering Analysis on CAE, with state-of-the-art validation and testing.
  • AC airflow and engine Room Analysis carried out with elaborate CFD.
  • The vehicle is configured at extremely high panoramic visibility from external and internal perspective, resulting in best class view both from outside and inside.
  • All seats and passenger area have ample head room.
  • The vehicle has evolved from tried and proven performance of AVANCITY Bus of BMB Italy. It is robust enough to cover a journey from Euro 3 to Euro 6 by covering over 120 million KMs across emerging and developed global terrains.
  • Functional, aesthetic and endurance led design has been elaborately carried out by JBM-TESCO, Europe – a JBM Group Company, through continual inputs from technologically advanced virtual testing.


  • CITYLIFE is built using world-class aggregates from US and europe’s largest aggregate manufactures.
  • Steering system ad inverted portal Axle from Germany.
  • Independent front suspension from Italy
  • Technically advanced Engine from India and USA
  • Globally proved Air Conditioner
  • Robust Automatic Transmission


INTEGRA-DURALIFE – Monocoque frame with tubular structure
Monocoque frame with tubular structure results in the safety and the durability of the bus. CITY LIFE has a unique Monocoque frame designed for extreme rigidity and torsion stiffness. The structure has been evolved from latest light weighting concepts to provide ultimate strength and lowest weight. Designed for safety norms as per European Standards for frontal collision, roll-over and side impact. Internally externally coated for long corrosion free life.
  1. Surface Treatment inside the tubes – Longer Structure life
  2. Surface Treatment after complete welding of structure
  3. Every member of structure is load bearing member
  4. For less brittleness Argon is used which is environment friendly
  5. Lower CG due to uniform weight distribution
UNI-FLOOR – India’s First True Low Floor Bus
Inverted Portal Axle technology has resulted in more flat area in rear, resulting in more standing capacity. No steps in rear part of bus creating a comfortable movement of passenger in saloon. More head room for seated and standing passengers in the rear part of bus.
  1. Has 1.4 Sq.m more flat area in rear resulting in 8-10 more standee capacity
  2. No Steps in rear part of the Bus resulting comfortable movement of Passengers in the saloon
  3. More Head room for seated and standee passenger in rear part of Bus - 800mm extra
  4. High Rear Axle Ratio -Extra torque at wheels - 8% extra
SAFE-I STOP – All Disc Brakes with EBS and ABS with EBD
All around vented disk braking system designed with German technology, provides surest safety stopping in shorter distances. Equipped with EBS & ABS with EBD the step-safe brakes provide life saving stopping in all weather and driving conditions. Retrader System which is in-built in the transmission provides additional braking on down slope of flyovers and gradients.
  1. Disc Brake on all wheels with Anti Lock Brake System
  2. Increased Braking efficiency ~ Less stop Distance
  3. Increased service life compared to drum brake
  4. Stainless steel air reservoir - Rust free for life time
  5. Separate Reservoir for each functions like suspension, brakes and doors
PRO-GREEN – Fueling Green Energy
The CNG system is designed for easy inspection of joints and valves from the side of the bus. Only 5 Cylinders are required, reducing the number of joints and improving reliability. Large diameter cylinders lower the centre of gravity of the bus. The CNG cylinders are carried on a rack for easy inspection and inter-changeability. The engine room is equipped with Fire detection and Fire suppression system. CNG Cylinder valves are auto-shut type on ignition –off.
BRITE-LITE – Contemporary and aesthetic lighting
The front of the bus is equipped with Stae-of-the-art lighting system in the most modern Aero-Wing design popular with luxury cars. The projection lamps and LED lights provide highest visibility as per European norms. The Saloon is equipped with diffused LED Lights to provide diffused white lights. We have endeavored to provide one of the best in the world lighting system.
COM-MAT – Contemporary material
High strength glass fibres composites parts especially for the front end, rear end and the roof. FRP roof sheets absorbs noise (such as rain), provides thermal insulation and is totally leak proof being one-piece.
EZ-CLEAN – Ease of cleaning
Seats and stanchions are not mounted on the floor. Therefore, there are no parts to hurt toes on chappal clad feet common with Indian passengers. There are no corners to collect dirt. EX-CLEAN floor is cleanable and washable using rudimentary methods available at Indian Bus depots.
  1. Easy to clean bus floor- resulting in hygienic saloon
  2. No drills on floor for mounting seats & stanchions resulting longer life of vinyl and wood floor
  3. 100% area utilized for foot space and luggage.
TECH-RIDE – IFS with – ECAS – jerk free ride over uneven terrain
The suspension of CITY LIFE provides the ultimate in passenger comfort, akin to limousines. At the front, there is the independent Front suspension and at the rear is a Double Pneumatic Spring coupled with Anti Roll bar. The whole Suspension is controlled by ECAS. The result is Jerk-Free smooth ride over the roughest city roads with potholes in India.
  1. Riding experience like luxury car
  2. Proven design for longer life of suspension
  3. Widely used for more than 25 yrs in commercial applications in major cities of Europe.
EZ-CARE – Ease of maintenance
JBM Buses have been designed to minimize physical effort and discomfort and maximize efficiency. Ease of real time maintenance is incorporated in designing stage resulting in intelligent packaging allowing easy access to all maintenance components, smart swing battery tray and side access to CNG Cylinders. It has secure and ergonomic access of electronic devices. All open able bottom panels for underbidy access from side. On Board Diagnostics equips the driver / technician to know any malfunction that occurs within the bus.
MAX-COOL – Air-conditioning to keep you cool
Globally proven customized Air Conditioner for quick cooling in extreme temperatures. The air-flow system is designed using CFD to provide well distributed cold air flow to all passengers. The Front Box provides comfortable conditions for the driver and also demists the wind screen.
PRO-DRIVE – Proven driveline
JBM CITY LIFE Bus has electronically controlled state-of-the-art engine and well matched Automatic Transmission with Retarder. It also has inverted portal Axle with higher rear axle ratio resulting in higher wheel torque.
TRANS-VU – Wide and clean glasses
The Vehicle is configured at extremely high panoramic visibility from outside and inside. Clear and broader lateral glasses facilitate clear view internally and externally, till the end of the bus. It also has asymmetric front windshield for better maneuverability.
  • ECAS- For better comfort and ride control
  • Lower Steering effort due to high working pressure - 175 psi for comfortable driving and maneuverability.
  • Asymmetric windscreen design for more visibility
  • 340 mm entry height – effortless entry for children, women and elders
  • Seating Capacity is 36 + 3 +1
  • Resin roof for increased thermal insulation
  • Camera at rear, entry and exit
  • MUX - Multiplex electrical system
  • Fire detection & suppression system (Optional)
  • Gas Leakage Detection system integrated in the MUX system
  • Automatic gear box with integrated retarder


Engine and Other major aggregates

Engine Model
Cummins ISB 5.9 G Helios
Cummins ISC 8.3 G280
Cummins ISBe 6.7
Emission Level
Horse Power
230 hp @ 2800 RPM
280 hp @ 2400 RPM
281 hp @ 2300 RPM
678 Nm @ 1600 RPM
1152 Nm @ 1400 RPM
1020 Nm @ 1200-1800 RPM
6 Cylinders, vertical in-line turbo charged and inter cooled
5900 cc
8300 cc
6700 cc
Automatic Transmission with in-built retarder
All wheels Disk Brakes, dual circuit, full air systems with EBS and ABS and EBD
CNG Cylinder capacity
900 ltr. (180 Ltr * 5) Roof mounted

Suspensions & Tyres

Suspension Type
ECAS (Electronically controlled Air Suspension)
Suspension Front Axle
Independent Front Suspensions 2 air bellows, 2 telescopic shock absorbers
Suspension Rear Axle
inverted Portal Rear Axle with Air Suspension, 4 Air bellows, 4 Telescopic Shock Absorbers & stabilizer bar
Kneeling Facility
295/80R 22.5 - 16 PR

Dimensions in mm

Total Length
Overall Height with AC
Front Overhang
Rear Overhang
Entry Step Height
Axle Loads
FAW: 6000Kg; RAW: 10200 Kg
16200 kg

Electrical System

Multiple type 24 V
2x12 Volt Batteries, 200 Ah
1x150 AH, 1x 90 Ah

Doors / Emergency Exists

Passengers Doors
1 in the Front & 1 in the Middle
Type of Doors
Inswing Type 2 wing on both doors
Wheelchair Ramp
Manually operated