The Ultra Low Floor Bus, having no step floor in the passenger saloon.

Complete vehicle design based on 3D simulation of all aspects of design & configuration including Drive Ergonomics, Passenger Movement and Seating.

Fully modeled on 3D CAD System with 100% Engineering Analysis on CAE, with state-of-the-art validation and testing.

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JBM buses uses premium engine and transmission technology to deliver premium Metrolink Coaches to its customers.

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CITYLIFE is built using world class aggregated from US and Europe's largest aggregate manufactures.

  • Steering System and Inverted Portal Axie from Germany.
  • Independent Front Suspension from Italy.
  • Technically advanced Engine from India & U.S.
  • Globally proven Air Conditioner.
  • Robust Automatic Transmission
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      Ultra low floor-India's first
      True Low Floor Bus

      Inverted portal axle technology has resulted in more flat area in rear, resulting in more standing capacity.
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      Monocoque Frame with
      Tubular Structure

      CITY LIFE has a unique monocoque frame designed for extreme rigidity and torision stiffness.
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      All disc brakes with EBS
      & ABS with EBD

      All around vented disc braking system designed with German technology, provides safety stopping in short distances. Read More >>>


      Green Safe
      Fueling Green Energy

      The CNG System is designed for easy inspection of Joints and Valves from the side of the Bus. Only 5 Cylinders are required. Read More >>>

    • EZ-CARE

      Easy to Maintenance
      Real Time Maintenance

      JBM Buses have been designed to minimize physical effort and discomfort and maximize efficiency. Read More >>>

    • MAX-COOL

      Air-conditioning to keep you cool
      keeping you cool

      Globally proven customized Air Conditioner for quick cooling in extreme temperatures.
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      Proven driveline
      Well Synchronized Proven driveline

      JBM CITY LIFE Bus has electronically controlled state-of-the-art engine and Automatic Transmission with Retarder. Read More >>>

    • TRANS-VU

      Wide and clean glasses
      Trans View

      The Vehicle is configured at extremely high panoramic visibility from outside and inside.
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      Contemporary and
      aesthetic lighting

      The front of the bus is equipped with Stae-of-the-art lighting system in the most modern Aero-Wing design.
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    • COM-MAT

      Contemporary material
      GFRP Parts

      High strength glass fibres composites parts especially for the front end, rear end and the roof.
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    • EZ-CLEAN

      Ease of cleaning
      Clean Floor

      Seats and stanchions are not mounted on the floor. Therefore, there are no parts to hurt toes on chappal clad feet. Read More >>>


      IFS with - ECAS
      jerk free ride over uneven terrain

      The suspension of CITY LIFE provides the ultimate in passenger comfort, akin to limousines.
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